Palletizing with a Fanuc CRX Collaborative Robot

Designed by ONExia, a robotics integrator specializing in collaborative robots, the PalletizCRX is a turn-key palletizing solution that requires no programming to operate.

By using a collaborative robot, the PalletizCRX can be easily added to new or existing packaging lines where ergonomic and labor issues are a concern.

Collaborative FANUC Palletizer
Fanuc palletizing software
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FANUC Collaborative Palletizer

The PalletizCRX is a fully integrated collaborative solution for FANUC users looking for a flexible alternative to standard industrial palletizing robots.

PalletizCRX Features

A fully collaborative solution! The PalletizCRX requires no programming and can be deployed to an existing packaging line in under an hour.

  • Minimal footprint - no guarding or caging needed
  • Portable - easily moved with a forklift or pallet jack
  • Collaborative - full rating for entire system
  • Quick deployment - requires a standard outlet and an air line
  • Continuous operation - palletize to both sides

System Specs


5 cases per minute


18 lbs (tooling dependent)


40" x 48" x 62" (maximum height)

Case Sizes

8" x 8" x 3" (minimum size)

Air / Electric

80 psi / 115 VAC, 15 amps

Custom Features

Slip Sheets

Yes - optional rack available


Nesting conveyor & pneumatic pusher

System Safety

The PalletizCRX is collaborative rated

Safety Scanners (Optional)

Up to 3 scanners can be added

A safety risk assessment is recommended.

Fanuc palletizing software

Every PalletizCRX system comes with a FANUC CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot integrated with our lifter base and is assembled by ONExia Inc.

For more information about our integration services, visit

PalletizCRX Software

FANUC CRX Palletizing Software

The PalletizCRX comes with our custom drag-and-drop palletizing software preloaded on the touchscreen interface.

Software Features

A palletizing robot that requires no programming! The PalletizCRX can be quickly adjusted for new pallet configurations as production demands change.

  • Simplified interface - control the entire system through the embedded touch screen
  • Drag-and-drop software - build pallets with no programming needed
  • Pallet library - save and recall 100's of pallets for even quicker changeover
  • Administrative controls - features can be enabled and disabled based of on user credentials
PalletizCRX Software

Enter case dimensions

PalletizCRX Layers

Enter number of layers

PalletizCRX Positions

Drag boxes into position

PalletizCRX Teach

Teach pick and first place points

Get started today

Get a PalletizCRX on your packaging line! Contact us today and let's discuss your palletizing application.

If you have a specific application you'd like to discuss, please use our Quote Request form on our robotics site.

PalletizCRX Conveyor
PalletizCRX Gripper
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Specializing in collaborative robots, the PalletizCRX is designed and built in Exton, PA by ONExia Inc.